We are looking for talented people to be a part of our Retail Store Teams. If you have a love for fashion, a thirst for knowledge, and enjoy working with people, this is the place for you.

Perry Ellis International has close to 60 retail store locations across the country. Our brands include Perry Ellis, Original Penguin, and Cubavera. Our stores provide outgoing, hard working individuals with a strong customer service background the ability to create an extraordinary customer experience while learning about the retail apparel industry. We value an inclusive workplace that drives growth, success, performance and creativity.

We are looking for customer service oriented associates that thrive in a team environment. Sound like you? Get started and search below!

Wonder what it’s like to work here? Read below what our team has to say!
Luis - Store Manager


Store Manager

I have been the Store Manager at the Perry Ellis store in El Paso, Texas for ten years. There are many things I love about working for Perry Ellis International but two things really stand out. First, Being an ex-baseball coach, I love teaching and developing co-workers to become not only exceptional employees but exceptional human beings. What I teach here will not only help them in their career with Perry Ellis International but also in their everyday life and future.

My greatest accomplishment has been having former employees come in and tell me how well they are doing as a manager of their own store, a teacher, police officer or an attorney in a firm where they are utilizing the customer service and social skills they acquired while working for us.

What I love about working here is meeting so many new customers who through the years have become friends. I love knowing that they keep coming back not only because we help them find what they are looking for with our honest opinions and knowledge but also because they are treated with great respect, sincerity and feel appreciated.

There is no typical day at Perry Ellis. Customers are constant but situations and needs are different. Smiles and appreciation are also a daily occurrence. Freight comes in daily and we enjoy seeing and trying on the new styles.


Ashley - Assistant Store Manager


Assistant Store Manager

I started as a Supervisor and was quickly promoted to Assistant Store Manager after 7 months, I feel this has been my biggest accomplishment. The best advice I have received during my time here is to follow my dreams and never give up.

My most memorable sale is one I had with a client over the phone. I met her before in the store and sold her about $2000. She lives in another country so I decided to send her pictures of our new arrivals, she was so in love with them that we did the transaction over the phone. That sale was approximately $6,400. I built a great relationship with her and now she texts me all that time "Hey Ash anything new?"

During my free time, I enjoy running at the beach, doing outdoorsy activities and reading about the new trends in fashion.




Johanna - Store Manager


Store Manager

I am the Store Manager of the Original Penguin store in Sawgrass Mills and have been working for Perry Ellis International since 2012. I’ve had the honor to work at three different locations within the company and was able to learn and grow from each experience.

I love everything about working for this great company. Here you have the opportunity to be yourself, learn, develop, grow and become whoever you would like to be. I love that I`m able to train, teach, coach different groups of people and help them become better in what they do, most of them have grown in their role and now are Managers and Assistant Managers. I have the pleasure to interact with people from around the world every day and that they return and remember me by my name, that is something splendid!

I like to make sure that we’ve done everything in our power to make and even surpass the store goal. We interact with every single visitor we have in the store and make sure that they get to know our brand and feel welcomed and appreciated. Everyday we work together as a team to be the best we can be.




Miguel - Market Manager


Market Manager

I have been with Perry Ellis International for almost 15 years! I started as a Store Manager in Camarillo then transferred to San Diego, CA for a new store opening. After opening several stores and being promoted to Area Manager for the CA stores, I am now the Market Manager for the Perry Ellis brand. I have been fortunate to work with a great team and still work with many of those same employees today.

To be successful in the store it’s easy - Love what you do, learn everyday, treat everyone with respect, practice the 4 impressions we teach everyday, and volunteer to help as much as possible. Having a positive attitude and ambition gets you far.

I love the people I work with and I love the people I work for. My co-workers are like family to me and everyone has always treated me with nothing but love and respect. I wouldn't change it for the world.




Basil - Market Manager


Market Manager

I have worked with Original Penguin since 2006 and love the brand and my team. I'm privileged to spread my love for OPG to the masses. There's a different challenge each day and I'm very appreciative that boring and monotonous moments aren't part of my job description.

During my time here I learned that it's simply Retail 101, if we're doing Retail 100 or Retail 102 we're doing it wrong; can't forget the basics. I put my all into everything I do with the intent of growing the brand and hope to continue growing with it. I'm very fortunate to not experience typical days; no two days are alike and there's ALWAYS something exciting and challenging to do in the chase for success for the team, store, and brand. A prevailing theme in each work day though is getting to know complete strangers from around the world that come in looking to us for guidance on something as important as their appearance, this is incredibly rewarding to us.

On my free time I am really into international traveling. At home I like zoning out and working with my hands fixing up old cars and old things, I also spend A LOT of time either cooking or ordering way too much food with my girlfriend.